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  • Listen to this Free Hemi-Sync® Guided Meditation for relaxation.
    (duración: 30:01 | Tiempo: 128 kbps)

  • Download for FREE @ The aim of this audio is to assist in creating a ...
    (duración: 40:18 | Tiempo: 128 kbps)

  • PLEASE NOTE: STEREO HEADPHONES ARE REQUIRED in order for your brain to receive the benefits of this video! Be sure to ...
    (duración: 1:00:01 | Tiempo: 128 kbps)

  • Series 1 introduces you to the states of sleep. You will learn a proven method of deep relaxation and move into a state known as ...
    (duración: 1:30:04 | Tiempo: 128 kbps)

  • Trudno jest mi dziś znaleźć autora. Będę szukał.
    (duración: 59:25 | Tiempo: 128 kbps)

  • Again you will follow the sound of rainfall and Hemi-sync into deep sleep and be reminded that "you are now dreaming" at the ...
    (duración: 25:48 | Tiempo: 128 kbps)

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