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    BALDR FORCE EXE OP" aria-describedby="description-id-14650 Opening movie for the Japan PC game. This game is an upgrade version of "BALDR FORCE".
    (duración: 29:19 | Tiempo: 128 kbps)

  • Baldr Force EXE (SUB) - 1 - First Contact
    Baldr Force EXE (SUB) - 1 - First Contact" aria-describedby="description-id-173970 An entire world exists unseen, a world that can be accessed only by the mind... the Wired World. A place of freedom.
    (duración: 1:51 | Tiempo: 128 kbps)

    BALDR FORCE RESOLUTION Opening" aria-describedby="description-id-892870 An opening of the latest animation. The original is a game of the same name.
    (duración: Baldr Force EXE" aria-describedby="description-id-720239" rel="spf-prefetch" dir="ltr">GR Anime Review: Baldr Force EXE - Duration: 10:23 | Tiempo: 128 kbps)

  • GR Anime Review: Baldr Force EXE
    GR Anime Review: Baldr Force EXE" aria-describedby="description-id-720239 A Glass Reflection Anime Review of Baldr Force EXE Originally Released: June 30th 2010 The lesson today is that less is not ...
    (duración: 30:01 | Tiempo: 128 kbps)

  • Baldr Force EXE (SUB) - 3 - Truth
    Baldr Force EXE (SUB) - 3 - Truth" aria-describedby="description-id-659517 Torus life is in chaos Both online and off... The discovery of who killed his best friend, the sudden disbanding of his FLAK platoon ...
    (duración: 2:33 | Tiempo: 128 kbps)

    BALDR FORCE OP" aria-describedby="description-id-555832 PCゲーム「BALDR FORCE」のOPデモムービーです。 1080pにアップコンバートしました。 ブランド:戯画 原画:菊池政治 シナリオ:卑影 ...
    (duración: 8:21 | Tiempo: 128 kbps)

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